Domestic Women Workers Rights Forum

Our Demands

  • A special law be enacted for domestic working women.
  • A district level grievances committee be formed for domestic workers. This committee should also work for the rights of these women.
  • Cheap public transport be provided for transportation of domestic workers.
  • Domestic workers should get status of labour.
  • Minimum wages of domestic workers be fixed by the Government and domestic workers be included in the minimum wages list.
  • Sexual harassment redressal committee be formed at work place for domestic workers and representatives of domestic workers union be also included in this.
  • Each Sunday be declared public holiday for domestic workers.
  • Registration process for domestic workers be completed in a fixed time frame. Identity cards be provided to those domestic workers who are without identity cards and these identity cards be recognised as their identity.
  • Child labour in domestic work be prevented and strict action be taken against the parents of such labour and their employers.