Domestic Women Workers Rights Forum

Who are 'Domestic Workers'?

Today, 92 per cent workers in the unorganised sector in India are outside the framework of social and economic justice. Domestic workers form a significant part of this informal economy. They have always been marginalised as sector. Whether they work part time, full day or as live in workers, they are forced to put with various indignities in the privacy of households in which they work.

In addition to above, domestic workers are excluded from the purview of labour legislation. Still they are not recognised as worker. They cannot access such rights as other workers, have no regulated working conditions, are not registered as workers and have no protection or social security coverage.

At present domestic workers has become a vital part of Indian society. There is a continued influx of people in cities owning to decreasing opportunities in agriculture sector. Since most of these migrants are not skilled, they end up as labour and their women folk as domestic workers.

There is an increasing demand of domestic workers in cities because of increasing participation of women in income generation. Educated urban women consider work out of their homes, consider household chores a liability and hence the demand of domestic workers not only continues, but also continues to increase.

In spite of all this condition of domestic workers is pathetic. They do not get proper attention from government, and are not covered by labour law.