Domestic Women Workers Rights Forum

Skill Upgradation for Alternative Livelihood Strategy

We have tried to improve the skills of domestic workers as we find out during our working there is need to enhance more specific skill with requirement of the employer like catering, cooking and care of elder and children so that they can fulfill the expectation of their employer and also they will get more employment opportunity. This year we identified 75 domestic workers and prepared them for trainings so they can improve their skills and get alternate livelihood, for this purpose we have conducted trainings on care giving and caterings. We contacted with some expert groups and conducted basic discussions on our requirements and practical trainings at the Sangini head office.

  • We have given training of caregiver to 25 domestic workers they learnt how to give proper care to old ones and infants or newly born babies. In this training they have taught by the experts about the importance of hygiene and sanitation.
  • We have also given training of catering to 50 domestic helpers they learnt different type of cuisine taught to them, how to present food, various presentation skills, table manner been taught to them. So that they can improve their cooking and catering skills. This year, after this training, we tried to seek alternative sources of employment. The aim has enabled the domestic workers to explore alternative sources of employment. After this training   5 out of 30 domestic workers have been placed to different service sectors.